Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Final Assignment - I AM pt 1

I am an Athlete

- My idea for capturing what it means to be an athlete at NDB is to take action shots of a Notre Dame lacrosse game. Lacrosse is a new sport at NDB and I thought it would be really interesting to capture a student playing in a game. On Thursday April 26, NDB will be playing Priory at Priory so I plan on going to that game to take pictures. The game starts at 4:00 when the sun begins to set and since Priory is covered in nature and trees I think it will be a really amazing to take a picture of a player with a bokeh background of Priory.

I am Loved

-Notre Dame prides itself on being a accepting and loving community and when I think of being loved at Notre Dame I think of a group of friends laughing and smiling with each other. I want to capture a group of girls in their Notre Dame uniforms laughing, hugging and smiling at each other on the father downy garden. My other idea that Mrs. Kuntz came up with was taking a picture of Clifford the dog surrounded by Notre Dame students. Clifford is famous at NDB and what better way of showing what it means to be loved at NDB than a bunch of girls showing Clifford loved. But the difficulty with that is knowing when to shoot since I'm not entirely sure when Clifford comes to school.

Sketchbook 14# - All That Is Shiny

Assignment #35 - Catch lights

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Assignment #33 - Triptych

I want to tell the story of new life. Spring is right around the corner and new life is being born all around us. When you think of new life more often than not you may think of a baby being born or a puppy for example but my idea of new life is about how nature is reborn in Spring. Leaves grow again and flowers bloom. For my story concept I captured a series of a flower blossoming to represent new life. 

Assignment #32 - Text and Self Portrait

Assignment #37 - Silhouettes